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MAD Works

Because when it doesn't? We're all a bit crazy, but at MAD, we're abnormally crazy people. Not your daily cup of tea, but for your brands, we are outrageously successful. We not only understand what you need but are also psychics who can read your wants and desires!.


Traditional Marketing

Amplify your brand’s presence through time-tested channels like print, radio, and television. Pair it with MAD expertise and boost your brand’s potential.


Bring your vision to life with stunning visuals and compelling content that resonates with your audience.

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Non-Traditional Marketing

Break the mould with innovative strategies that capture attention in unexpected places. Take advantage of our digital knack and grab a place in the world online..

Ad Films

Tell your story with high-impact ad films that captivate and convert. Let’s break the mould with innovation..

Our Crazy Team.

They pull off the wildest ideas-and they work!

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    CEO/ Founder
    I found MAD because you call it Marketing and I call it MArket Domination. Let me help your brand go MAD.
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    Meenakshi Eadala

    I’m the chief operating officer with the agency experience of around 7 years. We have an amazing team which makes the best out of our resources. It gives me joy to operate a team which is diverse and wide.
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    Anurag Saxena

    Strategy Head
    With 27 years of agency experience, I can turn your brand's problems into opportunities faster than my WiFi connects.
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    Chowdary SNRK

    Marketing Head
    I guess after 23 years I’d call myself the doctor. I study the market pulse and save brands from dying.
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    Shweta Balchandani

    Content Strategist
    I would agree with everything that sounds ridiculous and strategize it to sound as irresistible as a bottomless brunch.
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    Prudhvi Nibhanupud

    Sr. Visualizer
    I’m the GPS. When everything feels lost I’d draw the map to make the left and right make more sense.
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    Mekala Pawan

    PR Manager
    I love being in the spotlight but how will I, if Your brand isn’t? So I'll make headlines so good, you'll want to frame them!
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    Kunche SuvarnaRaju

    Lead Photographer
    Call me your brand’s personal paparazzi. I’ll leak the clips to controversies.

Our Clients

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